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Jun 03, 2019 · Continuous casting is preferred instead, allowing higher throughput and better steel quality. This paper presents a CP model related to scheduling of operations for steel making with continuous

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Continuous casting is a method that was invented to enhance the production of metals. The continuity of the casting helps to lower the cost of the casted steel. Further, it helps in the standardized production of steel cast. Further, the carefully controlled process also reduces errors leading to better quality steel casts. CN100467164C - Method for preventing liquid fluctuating of The present invention is method of preventing liquid surface fluctuation in the peritectic steel crystallizer for continuous casting, and belongs to the field of continuous casting technology. The method includes controlling the flow rate of cooling water, controlling the pressure of the last driving roll in the straightening section and adopting peritectic steel protecting slag of new

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continuous casting process. The steel is cooled by spray - ing water onto the strand through nozzles. To avoid surface defects and possible product downgrading caused by clogged nozzles or ruptured or jammed hoses, the Nozzle Expert automatically monitors the condition of Continuous Casting - an overview ScienceDirect TopicsContinuous casting is the important linking process between steelmaking and rolling. As early as 1856, Henry Bessemer suggested a continuous casting method but just during the 1930s and 1940s continuous casting became a common production method for nonferrous metals and later from the 1960s for steels.

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Aug 22, 2014 · Continuous casting of steel is entering a new era of development, not only with respect to its increasing application in the production process, but also in its own evolution as a process and its interaction with other processes in steel manufacture. Continuous casting output has shown an accelerating growth curve. Continuous Casting of Steel - ScienceDirectJan 01, 2014 · The principle of the continuous casting method is simple (Figure 1.8.1).The liquid steel in a ladle is transferred to the casting machine. When the casting operation starts, the nozzle at the bottom of the ladle is opened and the steel flows at a controlled rate into the tundish and from the tundish through a submerged entry nozzle (SEN) into one mold or several molds.

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Oct 04, 2014 · Continuous casting-tundish technology 1. CONTINUOUS CASTING 2. SO,WHAT IS STEEL? Steel is an alloy of iron and other elements, including carbon. When carbon is the primary alloying element, its content in the steel is Flow Dynamics and Inclusion Transport in Continuous Continuous casting produces 96% of the steel manufactured in the U.S. [1] and is the last, and most important, processing step where inclusions can either be generated or removed. Plant observations have found that many serious quality problems, including inclusion entrapment, are directly associated with the

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Mar 06, 2016 · Different to other processes in steel production, continuous casting is the vital link between the liquid and the solid phase and has to live with metallurgical effects as well as mechanical challenges at the same time. MODELING STUDY OF INTERMIXING IN TUNDISH AND The intermixing of dissimilar grades during the continuous casting of steel is a problem of growing concern, as the demand for longer casting sequences increases at the same time as the range of products widens. Steel producers need to optimize casting conditions and grade sequences to minimize the amount of steel downgraded or scrapped.

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The hot ductility test for assessing the likehood of transverse cracking during continuous casting of steel, Continuous Casting, Volume 8:Transverse cracking in Products Steel PlantechContinuous Casting. Steel Plantechs continuous casting facilities are the result of bringing together 50 years of metallurgical knowledge and technological know-how and experience in machinery and control. We will continue developing cutting-edge technologies in order to meet our customers high-level requirements. Continuous Slab Caster

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Continuous Casting Consortium (NSF) GOALI:Online Dynamic Control of Cooling in Continuous Casting of Thin Steel Slabs (2005-2008) B.G. Thomas, J. Bentsman, S. Vapalahti, K. Zheng, B. Petrus, H. Li, H. Castillejos, F. Acosta National Science Foundation GOALI # DMI-05-00453 Continuous Casting Consortium The effects of casting speed on steel continuous casting Jun 03, 2011 · A three dimensional simulation of molten steel flow, heat transfer and solidification in mold and secondary cooling zone of Continuous Casting machine was performed with consideration of standard k model. For this purpose, computational fluid dynamics software, FLUENT was utilized. From the simulation standpoint, the main distinction between this work

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US3840062A US74572868A US3840062A US 3840062 A US3840062 A US 3840062A US 74572868 A US74572868 A US 74572868A US 3840062 A US3840062 A US 3840062A Authority US United States Prior art keywords tundish steel mold molten steel oxygen Prior art date 1968-07-18 Legal status (The legal status is an assumption and is not a legal conclusion. US3926246A - Flux for continuous casting of steel - Google steel continuous casting composition flowidity Prior art date 1972-09-18 Legal status (The legal status is an assumption and is not a legal conclusion. Google has not performed a legal analysis and makes no representation as to the accuracy of the status listed.) Expired - Lifetime Application number Inventor Paul M Corbett Michael P Fedock

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Jun 07, 2015 · Generally the liquid steel for the continuous casting is to be tapped at higher tapping temperature. The tapping temperature is higher since it has to compensate for the heat losses associated with the increased transfer time to the CC machine. The temperature for the continuous casting is also required to be maintained within closer limits. What is the difference between ingot casting and The continuous casting requires a steel that can be deformed already in the solid phase, limiting its composition. Cite. Popular Answers (1) 13th

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Continuous casting of steel produces an endless length of steel, which, while still hot, may be cut into long blooms or slabs that are ready for shaping in rolling mills. Molten steel is poured into the top of a continuous-casting machine and is cooled by passing down through a copper water-cooled mold and rings from which water is sprayed. steeluniversity - units.itIntroduction to Continuous Casting Continuous casting of steel is a process in which liquid steel is continuously solidified into a strand of metal. Depending on the dimensions of the strand, these semi-finished products are called slabs, blooms or billets. The process was invented in the 1950s in an attempt to increase

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use in steel production In metallurgy:Continuous casting Actually not a means of casting parts, continuous casting is practiced in the primary production of metals to form strands for further processing. The metal is poured into a short, reciprocating, water-cooled mold and solidifies even as it is withdrawn from the other

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